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Demagogues in American Politics (New York: Oxford University Press, 2022).

Dwight Eisenhower and the Federal Highway Act (Lawrence, KS: University of Kansas Press, forthcoming 2024).

Journal Articles

"Thank God for the Deep State: Presidential Demagoguery and the 'Unitary Executive,'" American Political Thought 12, 1 (Winter 2023): 113-140.

"'Giving Government to Business': Dwight Eisenhower and the Federal Highway Act," Presidential Studies Quarterly 53, 1 (March): 120-136.

"Creating a Demagogue: The Political Origins of Daniel Shays' Erroneous Legacy in American Political History," American Political Thought 10, 4 (Fall 2021): 601-628.

“Support for Nationalization and State Building in the Early American Republic: The Act for the Relief of Sick and Disabled Seamen,” Journal of Law and Courts 9, 2 (Fall 2021): 283–304.

“The Republican Theories of Rousseau and the American Anti-Federalists,” Australian Journal of Politics & History 66, 2 (2020): 181-199.


“Could Political Science Become Diagnostic? Restoring a Forgotten Method,” Perspectives on Political Science 48, 1 (2019): 56-63. 

“Conceptual Weaponization and the Study of the Presidency,” Interpretation 47, 1 (Fall 2020): 211-218.

“Diagnosing the Blinding Effects of Trumpism,” Critical Review: A Journal of Politics and Society

“The Rhetorical Presidency Made Flesh: A Political Science Classic in the Age of Donald Trump,” Critical Review: A Journal of Politics and Society 30, 3-4 (2018): 347-368. 

“Demagoguery as Pathology: Interpreting European Politics Today,” Perspectives on Political Science (2019). 

Commentary (selected)

"Demagogues in American Politics," The Constitutionalist (10-3-2022).

"Justice Alito Needs to Stop Demagogic Post-Roe Comments," RealClear Public Affairs (8-9-2022).

"President Biden Needs a Covid Plan," The Constitutionalist (4/27/2022)

"A Trumpian Third Party?" The Constitutionalist (5/25/2021).

"Rhetorical Duty and the Constitutional Order," The Constitutionalist (2/18/2021).

"Will the Real Justice Thomas Please Stand Up? The Endurance and Power of Erroneous Political Narratives," A House Divided (01/14/2020).


(with Elayne Allen) “Demagoguery, ‘Cov-Cath,’ and Public Discourse in the Trump Era,”
House Divided

"Between Demagoguery and Populism," Law & Liberty (10/03/2019).

(with Connor M. Ewing) “What happened to the State of the Union address?” The Washington Post (01/30/2018).


“Toward a More Perfect Originalism,” Law & Liberty (08/31/2018).


“Flake’s exit from Senate won’t fix GOP hyperpartisanship,” Austin American-Statesman (11/01/2017).


“Against Senate Resolution 355,” Claremont Review of Books Online (09/10/2018).


“Constitutional Bureaucracy? Exchange with John Marini,” Claremont Review of Books 18, 2 (Spring 2018): 3-4.

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